It’s obvious by now that color and prints make me one happy gal. I really feel like I came into my own true style just within the past five years. The fun thing about fashion and style is that it’s not constant; your look is always evolving as your mood or circumstances change. This is also what makes it so fun!

This week at work I noticed a couple of clients coming in for help with introducing color into their wardrobe. It made me realize how easy it is to change the makeup of your wardrobe just by adding some color. Simply throwing in a pair of bright-colored skinny jeans can make the most drab pieces come to life!

For those of you with a keen eye…yes, I do the under-fold for most of my skinny jeans. I’m only 5’1″ which basically means that there are no pants on the market that are made to fit me properly in length unless it’s petite sizing. I hate having to pay to get my pants shortened so I just do this under-fold. It’s quick, easy and you can get it to the exact length that you need (insert obvious joke here). I really need to learn how to do this on my sewing machine that’s currently collecting dust.

Top: Anthropologie {old}
Jeans: J.Crew {old}
Necklace 1 – crystals: J.Crew {old}
Necklace 2- pink wood/silver beaded: Pomp & Posy
Clutch: J.Crew {old}
Shoes: Madewell {old}

20 Comments on “tricolor

    • It really is the best! I love that it can be worn as a cross-body and clutch.

  1. Three bold colors that you make look so amazing. Well done!

    • I’m like you in that I can never find pants the right length! It’d be so helpful to know how to sew. Lovely outfit: the colors are perfect!

    • Wow Isa! Thanks for the recommendation! I didn’t know Uniqlo hemmed pants at no charge. Win!

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